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You can now have beautiful breasts without plastic surgery. Simply buy the pills and take them regularly.

Faq – breast augmentation

  • Are breastfast’s effects long lasting ?

Since BreastFast effects are related to the natural metabolism, their exact impact and duration of its effects depend on each organism. Most women that are taking BreastFast notice a visible increase in bust after 3 weeks of treatment. How long this effect will remain is dependent on many factors: eating habits, the time you spend resting and regenerating your body, your sensitivity to stress, and foremost, if you continue taking BreastFast. It’s usually recommended to take a daily dose to get the desired result, and then gradually reduce the dose every week. We offer various sizes of pills packages so you can choose the one that suits you.

    • What are the components of breastfast?

By being a reliable manufacturer we are required to transmit the list of the components of our dietary supplement to health organizations and agencies that regulate food in many countries. So, if you are taking BreastFast you can be sure that each of its components has been strictly studied , and its operation has been described and analyzed in detail from the point of view of both safety and effectiveness. Occasionally counterfeits of our products appear in the market, offered at much lower prices. Unfortunately, these products are not only ineffective, but also dangerous to your health, so do not take them. We care for your health so we include the detailed composition of BreastFast – breast augmentation, in the product package.

    • How to take breastfast?

You should take 2-3 tablets daily along with meals and plenty of water. After achieving the desired results, it’s recommended to go down the dose to maintain the satisfactory effect.

    • Who should not take breastfast ?

BreastFast is exclusively for women. It is natural, safe and approved by independent agencies. However, as it has effects on metabolism it should not be taken by pregnant women or those who are in treatment. BreastFast should not be taken before the end of puberty.

    • Are there any side effects of breastfast ?

No, or rather,  it only has positive side effects! BreastFast regulates the operation of the female glands and secretion of hormones. It is essential in treating infertility, excessive menstruation, and painful uterine contractions. Helps you maintain your ideal weight, lubrication of internal organs, relieves bronchial ailments and asthma. It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac, increases sexual attractiveness and safety of breast augmentation.
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